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Pre-built electric starter. Due to its uncritical flight behavior and the excellent flight performance, the Panda offers the beginner maximum flight pleasure. Easy transport by detachable tailplane and divisible support surface. No matter whether it is long practice flights or sporty artifacts, the Panda always makes a good figure. Due to the low descent rate and the good circular-flow characteristics, rapid successes occur in slope and thermal flying. Thanks to the high strength, quicker flight maneuvers and descents are also possible. features: • RX-3 cont M-LINK ID 8 (receiver / motor control unit) with undervoltage detection • Easy to fly • Easy to transport thanks to easy-to-separate wings and removable height control • Innovative tube technology for highly load bearing wings • High-strength hull by "M-SPACE Technology" • Comfortable battery change thanks to large fuselage cover Try it out for free! Here, the MULTIPLEX-ELAPOR models are always the first in the free RC flight simulator: MULTIFlight to download ... delivery ELAPOR® model 100% prefabricated, PERMAX 400 / 6V, controller / receiver unit RX-3 cont M-Link ID 8, mounted folding propeller 6x3 ", 2 servos Nano-S, drive battery Li-BATT FX 2 / 1-950, Transmitter SMART SX M-LINK, Transmitter Batteries, Loader 110-240 V MULTIcharger L-703 EQU, painted cab cover, applied decor (orange) and detailed instructions. Model characteristics: Electric gliding models Material: EPP Level: 1 Beginner Wingspan in mm: 1160 RC functions: SR / HR / motor Flying weight in grams: 470 Flight time in minutes: 20 Types of cells / cells: 2S LiPo Construction time in min .: 5

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Manufacturer Multiplex
Type Brushed
Package Weight 3.0000

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